Upcoming Summer Issue

April 30, 2013 Comments Off on Upcoming Summer Issue

The summer issue of Inner Art Journal will be published on June 15th. We are looking forward to reading your tanka and other short form poetry. The submission deadline is June 1st.

nelima gaokar

April 13, 2013 Comments Off on nelima gaokar

my storyless day 
the closer I look
the more there is to see
the less there is
of me?
traipsing through the world 
a marionette
big smile, hollow identity
hoping if I move fast enough
no one will notice

white sugar – refined
stripped of color and fiber
sweetness, but no substance
is this what it is to be nice 
and nothing else?

invisible ink
revealed only in the right light 
what light reveals me?
I struggle to find that light within
can invisibility reveal itself?


a nine year old tanka writer

March 25, 2013 Comments Off on a nine year old tanka writer

I introduced my young friend, Maia, to tanka writing. She is just beginning to explore it. Here is one of the first ones she sent me:

Long ago this planet
was beautiful
it used to be all full of blue and green
I had better glance back
and see if there is any left now.

I tweaked it a little for her and with her permission we came up with this:

long ago this beautiful planet
full of blue and green~
glancing back now
I look to see
if there is any left

I think Maia did a nice job understanding that tanka has five lines. She found a nice and simple idea with some sense of sadness in it. I’m going to ask her to continue to work with tanka. After she explores it for a while I will try to teach her about the shift between the first three lines and the final two.

ellen pratt

March 22, 2013 Comments Off on ellen pratt

A woman walking laps in the wading pool calls out to me, “There is Miss Consistency!” Feeling unworthy I call back supportively, “What about you? You’re here.” She answers, “I don’t work as hard as you.” Does a month of consistency make one consistent?

season after season
moss grows on the rock
rootless it stretches
painting stone~
different shades of life

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