Featured Poets 6.15.13

We are pleased to offer a selection of tanka from several wonderful poets, some of whom are new to us. We would like to take this opportunity to thank those who have submitted. While we have not published all of the work we received, we have enjoyed reading everything. Leslie was pleased to receive tanka from Kala Ramesh. Her work can be seen in the tanka practice section. Kala’s tanka, “seeing the whole” summons a zen-like feeling of mystery. Nelima found an’ya’s piece, “old memories,” remarkable in its representation of the mind’s inner workings. Each of the works that we have published in this issue offer both perception and beauty.

One thought-there is an art to reading poetry as well as an art to writing it. Please read this issue with that in mind. How can you, as a reader, open yourself to the perceptions of the writer?

Leslie, Esra and Nelima

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