leslie ihde


for the moment
I am in-
is it prayer
or sanctity?

                                                 Multiverses 1.1


she turns away
as the veterinarian
extinguishes a kitten
clawing for life
~an inconvenient miracle

                                                  Notes from the Gean 3.4


unable to work again
with abandoned animals
she studies ancient paintings
on the walls of caves
~wild moving beasts

                                                 Notes from the Gean 3.4


as a child
afraid in the dark
I finally decided
to be the monster
and scare you

                                                  ( LYNX February 2012)


now that
Amanda Knox is free
I want to be let
into prison
~ freedom is so hard

                                                  (LYNX February 2012)


tenderly I note
aging in my husband’s face
life’s limits known
no need to rush
this sweet time together



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