kala ramesh

I were looped
to a string…
one red kite fluttering
across the twilight sky

an evening
of tangled thoughts…
through branches
even this rugged moon
looks tattered at the edges

a single cicada
ushers in the summer
once again
making the calendar
one of empty squares

seeing the whole
blossom contained
in a seed
I look up to the sky
with all the stars

the Ganga rumbling
through mountains and plains
joins the ocean…
the weight of my womb
even after menopause

tall coconut palms
reaching out to the sky
I measure
my breath
with a cicada’s song

she laments
being old and bent
I see her
as a curved branch
laden with fruit

if I could let go
of everything I cherish
the winds
would surely carry me
away like a feather

Publishing credits:

an evening – American Tanka – June 2012
a single cicada – Notes from the Gean, June 2012
seeing the whole – Bottle Rockets, August 2011
tall coconut palms – A Hundred Gourds, Spring 2013
she laments – Gean Tree Press, June 2010
if I could let go – Notes from the Gean, December 2011

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