james b. nicola

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My dear friend did not want the procedure.
She only went in for some literature—
for “a friend.” But it took so long to get through
the mob outside—and just for a brochure—
that she thought, “Better now than later,” and had them do
it right away. So many did not come
who’d had appointments, it was easy to
get a doctor’s appointment the same day.

I visited her in ICU. Some
time later in the day, my dear friend died.

I told this to the protesters outside
and brought a snapshot of her, certain they
would tone it down a bit, or even say
a prayer. Not only did no one pray,
I think I was the only one who cried.

valerie rosenfeld

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I slice the vegetables thin

instead of into thick chunks

my spirit lightens

making gazpacho

r.k. dunham

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Natural History


Deeply linked we are

to all that came before,

promise for all to follow.

From boding storm’s utterance

earth conjures fierce joy,

blessing our being

~    whole again.



valerie rosenfeld

June 23, 2015 Comments Off on valerie rosenfeld

Down the Reach

I knew Margy my whole life. She took me to the lab to be her young assistant when I was 14 to help her measure calcium and albumin. I always felt guilty for not going into science. But I was never interested in science, only being with Margy. She was always so kind to me and my family and provided a generous ear and thoughtful, head square on her shoulders, and ever compassionate advice.

When I was in my 30s I visited her in Maine and we went to a jazz concert. I never liked jazz, only being with Margy. A man sitting next to us asked if Margy was my grandmother. She and I looked at each other. She said “no, I’m her godmother.” He laughed and said “maybe you’re her fairy godmother!” We laughed too. Yes, that was it. Margy was my fairy godmother.

She will ever be a part of me and I will think of her always when I smell the sea breeze or take my calcium supplement before bed. I will think of her when I look within and am in need of a fairy godmother. I see her there now, her salty smile and eyes like the ocean, reflecting the mid-day sun.

sea breeze
has changed direction
sailing down the reach
its your turn she says
handing me the rudder

esra sarioglu

June 18, 2015 Comments Off on esra sarioglu

under the heavy rain

coming out quietly

land snails

set the pace

of a dark summer evening

james b. nicola

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Have you ever observed that there
is no wall that’s flat, no edge that’s straight,
in a human being?
I have and it has improved my seeing
around a corner or behind a thing
of late.

maggie hess

May 11, 2015 Comments Off on maggie hess

The Painter

One bunting seems to
make the rest of them, until
wind changes their paths.
“Look to the horizon,” I
used to say, “your eyes will heal.”

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