Featured Poets 1.1.2012

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allie marini batts

I never wore a wedding band


my ring finger feels too light

now that we are no longer


allison miller

noticing how I

get caught

in my own web

I marvel

at the spider’s feat

anne tourney

a forgotten lake

retreating from the valley

left its name in the sand

along the empty basin

where I make a fragile home

anthony ward

I’m spending my time

trying to keep up with it

forever falling short

ellen pratt

stopping myself

before I regress

flashes of blue and white

blue jay pulls up just in time

to miss my windshield

eric muller

he waits as she cleans

dreading when she’ll stop to talk

about what happened

a finch bumps against the window

and falls dead out on the deck

jane blanchard

How I envy the marsh

accepting and releasing

whatever flows its way

season after season

year after year

joan mcnerney

an outdoor concert

which is sweeter, the flute

or bird song in the woods?

kevin hogg

Dusty children hack earth with shovels, sticks, property stakes.  One saws at a problematic root with a pilfered steak knife.  Dirt tossed carelessly from the void.  Silent concentration, broken occasionally as gritty, negligently tossed particles are spat aside.

Carefree afternoon

China can’t be far away

Knee-deep but gaining

kileen gilroy

She taught me how to catch a firefly

using a glass and small hands

sitting on swings at dusk

I remember now

how good it felt to be next to you

holding light

laurie dehamer

I am becalmed

in the middle

of a lake

my boat

filling up with tears

mamta madhavan

eyes hold

silver trinkets


on racks

fridge magnets lie

in stacks

but my

hands pick you a

blue eye

michelle russo

every smile

frozen in time

we never see

the outtakes

of our somber selves

sara backer

At the mowed margin

of a dying field of corn

I spot the pointed

black ears of a kitten

crouching in wet stubble

sebastian rimehaug


buried in spray

heron douses its beak


for fish

susan hogan

You speak the softest words by heart,

So soft I cannot hear-

Then look up at me with a start,

You speak the softest words by heart.

Your face is coming all apart.

You cannot hide the tears.

You speak the softest words by heart,

So soft I cannot hear.

tom clausen

a little red

begun in the crown

of the maple…

that reserve of love

I still have left

valerie rosenfeld

 I dreamed

I remembered

how to fly~

what freedom

to challenge gravity


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